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New Day, New Blog, New Life.

New climber here. My palms sweat while watching bouldering videos online while work is slow. I’m always looking for cheap deals on new gear, even though I don’t need it and can’t afford it. I’m starting to cut my own hours from the job to get in longer hours at the gym. Only four months in, but climbing has become an addiction.

Twenty four years old and out of shape, I’ve never been much of an athletic person. Nothing has been able to pull me off my lazy ass until now. The human puzzle that is climbing has put me into a state of bliss. It propels me further into where I want my career in Emergency Medicine to go, but far better it urges me to get in better health. And not just physical health I feel enlightened every time I’m able to figure out the crux of a route or place my weight right to pull off a move for a problem. It’s rarely my physical limitations get the better of me, only my mind saying ‘I can’t make that reach.’ or ‘There’s no way my foot can stay there.’Fortunately I have an awesome climbing partner (I haven’t seen enough of this awesome guy in recent years) who always seems to know what I can do, even when I don’t believe him.

Here’s to a new day, my new ‘blog’, and a new life. Here’s to new routines. Here’s to a new workout program. Here’s to reconnecting with old friends. Here’s to working my ass off for the thrill of being fifty feet above the ground grasping by my fingertips. Wish me luck.